Kyocera Original Toner

Every business wants to save money.

The costs of printing and copying usually represent a significant investment while businesses continue to want better, cost effective printing solutions. This is why KYOCERA Document Solutions has spent decades developing technologies that consistently deliver lower running costs than our competitors. Once your business has taken the first step to lowering running costs using KYOCERA devices, it may seem appropriate to go one step further by using non-original toner (3rd party or counterfeit).However, the inherent risks outweigh the benefits. Counterfeit imaging supplies are often dangerous, environmentally unfriendly and cheat consumers of the quality they are entitled to expect from branded consumables.

Kyocera Original Toner – The Advantages at a Glance:

  • Excellent image quality offered by the advanced toner and colour technology
  • Increased productivity through greater reliability
  • Highly economical and environmentally friendly operation
  • Maximum multifunctional and printer life with full warranty protection
  • KYOCERA’s ISO 14001-2004 certified toner cartridge return program ensures that your empty cartridges will be recycled in an environmentally responsible way
  • You can only be certain that KYOCERA toner Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are applicable by using genuine KYOCERA toner

Non-original KYOCERA toner can cost you money due to expensive repair bills and potentially lower toner yields. Workplace safety may also be affected by poor manufacturing standards.

The Risks of Using Non-Original Toner:

  • Damaged multifunctional devices and printers
  • Toner powder leaks from poor quality cartridges
  • Erratic printer performance and poor quality output
  • Employee health and safety
  • No warranty protection

Is 3rd Party Toner Legal?
It is perfectly legal to manufacture and sell third-party toners (i.e. a toner that is clearly not from KYOCERA but which is sold to be used in KYOCERA devices). However although legal, the toner may not be produced to the same standard as genuine KYOCERA toner. None of the assurances made about the quality, economy, reliability and warranty of KYOCERA devices can be guaranteed when a third-party toner is used.

When is it illegal?
Whereas a third-party toner is not illegal, it is not legal for any organization to manufacture or sellcounterfeit toner (i.e. a toner that purports to be manufactured by KYOCERA but is not). Because the actual manufacturer of a counterfeit toner is hidden, it is impossible to know the quality and safety of the product being purchased.

Identifying Counterfeit Toner.
Counterfeit toner is manufactured and packaged to look like an original KYOCERA toner. Many purchasers are unaware that they have been supplied with a counterfeit toner and may not notice until quality, economy or reliability problems occur.  Original KYOCERA toner has the KYOCERA logo printed on the packaging and molded into the toner cartridge. The toner cartridge also has a (holographic) ‘genuine toner identification label’ along with an RFID electronic identifier for the KYOCERA device.

Use of 3rd Party and Counterfeit Toners – No Warranty Protection
Technical defects or other performance problems caused by the use of non-original KYOCERA toners will not be covered bywarranty. There is considerable risk of added repair costs to restore the printer or multifunctional device to optimal operatingcondition.

Go genuine. Go Kyocera.

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