Kyocera ECOSYS MA3500cifx

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The ECOSYS MA3500cifx is a versatile 37 page per minute Color MFP designed for small to mid-sized workgroups that require maximum productivity, reliability, and enhanced security capabilities.

Product Accessories

Card Reader Holder 12 1702YJ0UN1 Card Reader Attachment Kit
Card Authentication Kit B 855D200603 Card Authentication Kit B License Only
UG-33 1503NT0UN0 Upgrade Kit for Thin Print Support
IB-37 1503T80UN0 Wireless LAN/Interface (2.4GHz/5GHz multi-band)
IB-38 1503V10US0 Wireless Network Interface (2.4GHz)
IB-50 1505JV0UN0 Gigabit Ethernet NIC
IB-51 1505J50UN0 Wireless LAN NIC
HD-17 1505MS0UN0 SSD Memory Device (64 GB)
HD-18 1505MT0UN0 SSD Memory Device (256 GB)
HD-19 1505MV0UN0 SSD Memory Device (512 GB)
ISISD32GB ISISD32GB ISI House 32GB SD Card for
855D200662 855D200662 DIMM – 144 pin DDR3 – 1GB
855D200714 855D200714 DIMM – 144 pin DDR3 – 2GB
MXPSP12015 MXPSP12015 MXPOWER Surge Protector, 15A, 120V (20AMP Rec. Required)
MXPSP12020 MXPSP12020 MXPOWER Surge Protector, 20A, 120V (20AMP Rec. Required)
ISIESPSP120V15A ISIESPSP120V15A ESP 15A/120V Surge Protector
ISIESPSP120V20A ISIESPSP120V20A ESP 20A/120V Surge Protector
ISIESPSP120V20A ISIESPSP120V20A ESP 20A/120V Surge Protector


SupplyPart NumberDescripton
KYOTK5372C1T02YJCUS0Kyocera Cyan Toner 5K Yield
KYOTK5372K1T02YJ0US0Kyocera Black Toner 7K Yield
KYOTK5372M1T02YJBUS0Kyocera Magenta Toner 5K Yield
KYOTK5372Y1T02YJAUS0Kyocera Yellow Toner 5K Yield
KYOPF51501203V00KL0500 Sheet Multi-Purpose Feeder
KYOMK53701702YJ7US0200K MK Kit
KYOMK54201702YJ0UN0Mainframe Paper Feeder Rollers
KYOMK54251703V00UN0PF-5150 Maintenance Kit
KYOMK52001703R40UN0Document Processor Maintenance Kit


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