TASKalfa MA4500ci

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Product Description

The TASKalfa MA4500ci is a versatile 47 page per minute Color MFP designed for small to mid-sized workgroups that require maximum productivity, reliability, and enhanced security capabilities.

Product Accessories

Card Reader Holder 12 1702YJ0UN1 Card Reader Attachment Kit
Card Authentication Kit B 855D200603 Card Authentication Kit B License Only
UG-33 1503NT0UN0 Upgrade Kit for Thin Print Support
IB-37 1503T80UN0 Wireless LAN/Interface (2.4GHz/5GHz multi-band)
IB-38 1503V10US0 Wireless Network Interface (2.4GHz)
IB-50 1505JV0UN0 Gigabit Ethernet NIC
IB-51 1505J50UN0 Wireless LAN NIC
HD-17 1505MS0UN0 SSD Memory Device (64 GB)
HD-18 1505MT0UN0 SSD Memory Device (256 GB)
HD-19 1505MV0UN0 SSD Memory Device (512 GB)
ISISD32GB ISISD32GB ISI House 32GB SD Card for
855D200662 855D200662 DIMM – 144 pin DDR3 – 1GB
855D200714 855D200714 DIMM – 144 pin DDR3 – 2GB
MXPSP12015 MXPSP12015 MXPOWER Surge Protector, 15A, 120V (20AMP Rec. Required)
MXPSP12020 MXPSP12020 MXPOWER Surge Protector, 20A, 120V (20AMP Rec. Required)
ISIESPSP120V15A ISIESPSP120V15A ESP 15A/120V Surge Protector
ISIESPSP120V20A ISIESPSP120V20A ESP 20A/120V Surge Protector
ISIESPSP120V20A ISIESPSP120V20A ESP 20A/120V Surge Protector


SupplyPart NumberDescripton
KYOTK5417C1T02Z7CUS0Kyocera Cyan Toner 13K Yield
KYOTK5417K1T02Z70US0Kyocera Black Toner 20K Yield
KYOTK5417M1T02Z7BUS0Kyocera Magenta Toner 13K Yield
KYOTK5417Y1T02Z7AUS0Kyocera Yellow Toner 13K Yield
KYOMK54101702Z77US0300k MK Kit
KYOMK54201702YJ0UN0Mainframe Paper Feeder Rollers
KYOMK54251703V00UN0PF-5150 Maintenance Kit
KYOMK52001703R40UN0Document Processor Maintenance Kit
KYOPF51501203V00KL0500 Sheet Multi-Purpose Feeder


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