Today, as we head back into the office, the hunt for talent is tougher than ever! The choices you make, right or wrong, can have a significant impact on your business. Turnover in the imaging sales space can be as high as 29% in rural areas, and as much as 49% in more competitive metro centers. 

Five Interview Questions You Need to Ask

Most dealers are not prepared to interview candidates properly. They often don’t even have a standard list of interview questions. Getting to know your potential sales rep is key to making a good hiring choice. These five questions can help you determine if your candidate is a good fit for your business.

  1. What’s Your Strategy on LinkedIn?

See if they are engaged, competent, and active on the top B2B social media platform. Ask them if they have a plan they can bring to connect and engage prospects for your dealership.

2. How Many Selfie Videos Have You Posted in the Last Month?

Video is important for both personal branding and company visibility. If you have two equally qualified candidates, pick the one who likes to use the camera!

3. If We Had a Training Course Outside the US, Would You Be Open to Attending?

If your candidate has had any legal issues, their inability to leave the country should raise a red flag in your interview.

4. We Have a Job Open in Customer Service That Might Be Great For You, Are You Interested?

This question tests your candidate’s genuine interest in a SALES role with your company, or if they’re just looking for a job.

5. What Do You Charge for Your Services?

Delivered softly, this question can get your candidate to let you know their income expectations and a potential compensation model before committing to what your dealership offers.

The Bottom Line…

Finding and selecting the right candidate can make or break your business. The cost of a bad hire is more than wages spent from start to finish. Asking creative questions of all your candidates can test their ability to be flexible in a conversation, which is a skill they will need when pitching to customers.

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