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While we’re slowly coming out of pandemic slow-downs and beginning to go back to work, coronavirus is continuing to disrupt worldwide supply chains. This is causing severe impacts industry-wide on the availability of printers and supplies. Here at ISI, we’re committed to supporting our dealers and helping them to win more business and grow profits even in this changing and challenging market. We’re predicting in the coming year that A4 printer sales will provide significant opportunities for our dealer/partners.

A4 vs A3 Print Devices

Typically, A4 devices are smaller desktop machines that can sit on a desk or counter. However, some A4 models are larger standalone devices with multiple paper drawers.

A3 devices are larger machines due to the fact that they can accommodate printing sizes of up to 11×17-inches. A3 machines take up more office real estate, which can be challenging for smaller offices. However, their larger size means they use more durable parts and offer solid construction.

Why We Believe A4 Printer Sales Will Surge in 2022

Here at ISI, we believe that several factors will contribute to the increase in A4 device sales in 2022. We’ve looked at the current environment and we believe that with the continuing trend of working from home, along with the changing office, sales of A4 print devices will continue to improve in 2022. Other reasons include:

• More Inventory – There are fewer supply chain issues with smaller devices, making them more readily available.

• A4 Devices Require Fewer Repairs – Experts claim 1/3 less service is needed on A4 machines versus A3 printers. Less service means higher profits for our dealers!

• Only 2% of global printing is on 11×17 paper according to Nexera. So, chances are your customers may not need the larger A3 devices. 

Today’s A4 devices have the same enhanced feature set as A3 devices. Newer models even offer enhanced functionality, including scanning directly to the cloud that was traditionally only available on A3 products.

Plus, with their smaller footprint, A4 devices are easier to ship and set-up is a breeze. Our dealers can take advantage of Impression Solution’s auto fulfillment services. Let us preconfigure A4 devices to meet your client’s unique needs. We’ll ship it directly to your clients ready to plug and play in your customer’s office!

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