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As we move toward the paperless office, scanners have become an office necessity. From reducing paper and clutter to increasing productivity and efficiency, a scanner can help your customers in many ways. 

Paper documents take up space and storing thousands of documents can be costly. With a scanner and the right software, thousands of files can be stored on a single server. Scanning can also help save, store, and organize historical documents and protect them from physical deterioration. These are just two benefits that scanning technology can provide for your customers. 

Here are five top reasons why scanners are a must for your customers in today’s office environment.

1. Scanners Improve Security

Protecting and storing hard copy information is difficult. Scanned documents can be password protected, encrypted, and securely stored in the cloud. Access can be monitored and assigned on an as-needed basis, and activity can be traced. This can help to keep information and data safe and secure.

2. Easier Collaboration

Scanned documents can be shared, and the team can collaborate on projects without having to share and reproduce paper documents. Team members in different locations can easily access, edit, and share information simultaneously in real-time.

3. Audit Compliance

Compliance is an issue most businesses must deal with. Document scanning makes it easier to fulfill regulatory and legal obligations. Digital files can be indexed, organized, and quickly found to meet the demands of any auditor.

4. Improved Disaster Recovery

Paper documents are vulnerable to natural disasters like fires or floods. Scanning offers quick recovery when disaster strikes. Digital images allow for redundant storage and can be protected electronically with an e-vaulting solution and a disaster recovery plan!

5. Scanning Helps Promote a Greener Planet

Document scanning benefits go beyond the office. It’s also beneficial for the environment. Today, we’re all trying to live more sustainably. According to the Paperless Project, the average office worker produces 10,000 documents annually. That’s a lot of trees! Even if a fraction of that paper ends up in the waste stream, it can harm the environment. Document scanning significantly reduces paper use making for a greener planet!

These are just a few reasons scanners are a great addition to your customers’ offices. Ask your Impression Solutions rep about the Epson family of scanners we offer, including flatbed, large-format, and photo scanners that can maximize productivity and simplify document management.

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