As imaging dealers, it’s not only important to provide cutting-edge technology solutions to your clients but also to keep them well-informed about the latest security practices. IS Docs, a turnkey document management solution, was designed for dealers like you to help solve your customers’ common document management and security concerns. 

Here are seven best practices for document security, and how IS Docs can help meet the document security challenges in today’s offices.

1. Strengthen Access Controls: Implement strict access controls to limit document access to authorized personnel. This involves setting up role-based permissions and authentication protocols to ensure that only approved individuals can access sensitive documents.

IS Docs: Allows the administrator to define and manage user roles, restricting access to documents based on job responsibilities. This ensures that only authorized personnel can view or modify sensitive documents.

2. Regularly Backup Documents: Regularly backing up important documents is essential to prevent data loss in the event of hardware failure, natural disasters, or human error. Organizations should establish automated backup processes to create redundant copies of critical documents.

IS Docs: Can schedule regular backups of all documents, ensuring that even in the face of hardware failure or other disasters, there are redundant copies stored securely.

3. Encrypt Storage and File Transfers: Encryption is a powerful tool to protect documents from unauthorized access. By encrypting storage and file transfers, organizations can ensure that even if documents are intercepted, they remain unreadable to unauthorized parties.

IS Docs: Encrypted documents can be stored within the system and be securely transferred. This adds an extra layer of protection to sensitive information.

4. Access Permissions: With multiple employees accessing and altering documents throughout the day, it’s vital to monitor and manage access permissions. It’s important to regularly review and update user permissions to ensure that employees have the appropriate level of access.

IS Docs: With IS Docs it’s easy to review and update user permissions, ensuring that employees have the appropriate level of access to documents. This helps in maintaining the principle of least privilege.

5. Remote Work Security: As remote work becomes more prevalent, organizations need to establish secure protocols for accessing and sharing documents remotely. This includes using secure VPN connections, encrypted communication channels, and implementing multi-factor authentication.

IS Docs: Supports secure remote access. It can integrate with VPNs, offer encrypted communication channels, and even provide multi-factor authentication options. This ensures that remote access to documents is as secure as on-site access.

6. Implement Document Classification: Categorize documents based on their sensitivity levels and assign appropriate security measures accordingly. This allows organizations to prioritize the protection of highly sensitive documents and allocate resources accordingly.

IS Docs: Comes with features for document categorization and classification. Users can tag documents based on sensitivity levels and apply security measures accordingly. This helps in prioritizing the protection of highly sensitive documents.

7. Audit Trail and Activity Monitoring: Implement an audit trail and activity monitoring system to track document access, modifications, and sharing activities. This provides visibility into document activities, aids in identifying potential security breaches, and allows for effective investigation if necessary.

IS Docs: Includes robust audit trail and activity monitoring features. They track document access, modifications, and sharing activities, providing a detailed history of document-related actions. This aids in identifying potential security breaches and supports effective investigations when necessary.

With IS Docs, not only will you help your customers protect their confidential information, enhance productivity, and ensure regulatory compliance you’ll also position yourself as a trusted and knowledgeable partner. Provide peace of mind to your customers with IS Docs and these best practices for document security.

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