At Impression Solutions, we are dedicated to providing our dealers with a range of value-added programs aimed at driving cost savings and revenue growth. Among our most sought-after initiatives is the ISI Rewards program, an opportunity that hundreds of participating dealers are currently leveraging to elevate their financial success.

Why Participate in the ISI Rewards Program?

If your team is selling Kyocera products from Impression Solutions, enrolling in the ISI Rewards program should be a top priority. This program offers enticing payouts on all Kyocera printers and MFPs. We put this program together to meet the common dealer challenges we’ve heard from our partners. From budget constraints to shrinking margins, and high turnover, we understand the challenges our imaging dealer partners are facing. With the ISI Rewards program, you’ll receive a financial value-add that can help you meet these challenges by keeping your salespeople engaged, motivated, and on your team!

How Does the Program Work?

Participating in the ISI Rewards program is straightforward and rewarding. You will earn incentives for every sale of a Kyocera printer or MFP from Impression Solutions. Signing up for the program online initiates your journey to start earning rewards immediately after each Kyocera product sale.

The process is hassle-free; simply visit the ISI Rewards page, sign up, and receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. Once approved, you’ll receive a card in the mail that you can use as a typical credit card. You can claim your rewards within 60 days of the purchase from ISI by registering the sale on the website. 

Rewards Distribution Details

  • Approval Time: It takes 24 hours to be approved for the program, and you will receive a confirmation email.
  • Claiming Rewards: Rewards are updated weekly, and you have 60 days to claim them before they expire.
  • Rewards Card Issuance: Your ISI Rewards pre-paid Mastercard will be available approximately 7-10 days after your first payout.
  • Funds Availability: Your card will receive funds on the 1st and 15th of each month.
  • Card Activation: Upon receiving your card, follow the activation instructions provided to start using it for purchases.

Start Earning Rewards Today!

The ISI Rewards program is exclusively tailored for ISI Dealers, offering a lucrative opportunity to earn incentives for promoting the complete line of Kyocera printers and MFPs. By joining this program, you not only enhance your profitability but also strengthen the relationship between your sales team and Impression Solutions. Don’t miss out on the chance to maximize your earnings in 2024 – contact us now and embark on a rewarding journey with ISI Rewards!

About ISI

Impression Solutions Inc. is a value-add, full-service distributor of printing and imaging solutions. ISI offers their dealers, resellers and their end users unparalleled service and support as an OEM full-line authorized distributor of Kyocera monochrome and color printers, MFPs, Wide Format Printers, printer accessories, printer supplies and customized printing solutions. 

Recent launches include Virtual Inventory Services and IS Docs, a turnkey Document Management program for Imaging Dealers to grow their monthly recurring revenues (MRR). 

ISI maintains a full inventory of over 2,200 SKUs of printer products ready for same-day shipment from their 35,000 square feet of warehousing space in 5 distribution centers from coast to coast.