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The advances in inkjet printing are making it an increasingly popular and productive choice for businesses. Today’s inkjet printers offer performance comparable to laser printers with a lower point of entry, lower operating cost, as well as fewer maintenance requirements.

Read on to learn four ways Epson business inkjet printers can help your customers save both time and money.

  1. Fewer Parts, Less Frequent Replacement

Inkjet printers have far fewer moving parts than typical laser devices. Epson business inkjet printers can reduce supply and maintenance costs, plus save time! Epson Supertank printers have no cartridges to replace thanks to their high-capacity refillable ink tanks.

2. Epson Printers are Reliable – That Means Fewer Service Calls

As a general rule, the more complex the device, the more potential for problems. Compared to laser devices, inkjet printers have fewer potential breakpoints, making service calls much less frequent. Epson’s PrecisionCore Heat-Free Technology offers professional-level reliability. Even installation is easier since Epson devices plug into a standard 110V outlet, so your customers won’t need a dedicated 22V line.

3. Lower Power Use Means Lower Utility Bills

Reducing energy use can significantly lower your customers’ bills over time. Epson’s heat-free technology uses up to 75% less energy. Because there is no need to preheat a fuser for toner, Epson’s PrecisionCore Heat-Free technology can mitigate power use and lower monthly utility bills.

Saving money with inkjet printer concept.

4. In Business, Time is Money – Inkjet Printers Get the Job Done Faster

Every time you increase efficiency, it adds up. Print speed may be the biggest recognizable time saver. Epson’s WF-C2 1000 blazes through prints at 100 ppm, the fastest print speed in its class. Epson’s business inkjet printers help increase productivity and reclaim time. A simple printing process means fast output from the first page when you click print. Optional paper trays can mean fewer trips to the supply closet.

Epson’s family of heat-free business inkjet printers can help your customers increase productivity and grow their businesses. With a lower cost of entry, faster print speeds, and heat-free technology, an Epson business inkjet can increase productivity, and save time and money.

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