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How we work has changed in the past few years. Thanks to COVID the traditional model of Monday through Friday in the office has changed forever. The hybrid work model is here to stay. Recent surveys have shown that nearly all U.S. companies now allow their employees to have a say in where they work. Many have chosen the hybrid model of splitting time between home and the office; some are even opting to work from home full time.

The new reality is transforming working environments for good. It’s changing furnishings, office layouts, and equipment including computers and printers. Even more importantly, it’s changing how employees communicate and collaborate, in-person and online.

Here are some important customer trends that Impression Solutions dealer partners need to know:

1. The New Challenges Driving Office Printing

The growth in remote work has created a need for solutions that enable employees to move seamlessly between home and the office. It’s also driven the need for remote fleet management and Managed Print Services. We’re also seeing growth in integrated workflows combining print and digital output. Even as the trend toward the paperless office continues, the need for physical signatures, hardcopy output, and customer preferences for paper are driving demand for workflow solutions that enable employees to effortlessly shift between the digital and the physical world.

Hybrid workers. Illustration showing working from the office and from home.

2. A Smaller Footprint in the Office

The demand for compact desktop printers that can be distributed across the workplace is growing. Because printing is now dispersed, there’s an increase in remote management and troubleshooting to reduce the need for in-person support. There is also growing demand for high-yield devices that require less intervention.

3. Remote Support for Work from Home Printing

More companies are giving their employees who work from home printers to use. The trend is to provide devices that are easy to use, can be set up wirelessly, and can help simplify the management of supply levels. Many employees are receiving higher-end multifunction printers that can be networked and remotely managed. 

Addressing the Challenges of the Hybrid Workplace

The move toward decentralized printing has resulted in challenges to companies adopting the hybrid model. Epson Business inkjet printers offer solutions that can help your customers overcome today’s business challenges. 

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