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In today’s competitive business environment, printing and image solution dealers need to maximize every opportunity to improve cash flow. At Impression Solutions, we work closely with our dealers to help them win more business and increase profits with value-driven solutions created for today’s hypercompetitive marketplace.


ISI’s unique selling proposition is our ability to improve dealer cash flow situations. With our Flooring Program, you can stop paying for inventory the day it arrives. We offer our dealers the option of flooring inventory for 90 days to one year on hardware, parts, and supplies for no charge… helping to improve cash flow.

The ISI Flooring Program

Through your inventory financing line of credit with DLL, dealers are eligible to participate in our special programs. We offer several plans to choose from based on your company’s cash flow needs. Plus, you can earn an additional rebate, increasing your bottom line on product purchases.

With ISI’s Flooring Program, you buy straight off the price list, paying the standard price. We pay the fees and we provide you with Net 90 terms so you can control your cash flow – and you pay the same price, no interest. In fact, you don’t pay for this in any way – you receive FULL value from ISI.

With other dealers, you can finance your purchase for 6 months, but if you pay it off early, you get 1 – 2% back and net money in transaction. With ISI’s Flooring Program you can avoid using financing while maximizing cash flow!

Take the Dealer Profitability Challenge

It’s easy! Take the challenge and book a 30-minute profit discovery conversation with one of our team members. You’ll learn how we can help you maximize your profitability and improve your cash flow.

Sign up today and you’ll automatically qualify to win your choice of three great prizes – a big-screen TV, a pizza party for your entire team, or a generous donation to your favorite local charity. Prizes are valued at $500 and once qualified you’re automatically entered in the December 21st draw.

We work closely with our dealers to help them gain market share. Today, hundreds of copier dealers, MSP, and IT VARS leverage our exclusive stack of value-add services to protect their businesses from Amazon and dominate their competition. Want to learn more? Give us a call today and let us show you how we can help you grow your business!

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