In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, imaging dealers need to tighten up their businesses in order to maximize profit opportunities. Buyers have become much savvier and understand that they can get all of the information they need online. Oftentimes they have already have decided where they will buy from before they ever speak with a salesperson. 

If you’re an imaging dealer, you need to deliver value to customers while maintaining profitability. In this post, we’ll look at five profit mistakes many dealers make, and how working with Impression Solutions can help you to avoid them!

Five Profit Mistakes Imaging Dealers Make

In today’s business climate, making small adjustments in how you do business, and who you do business with, can make a big difference to your company’s bottom line. Many imaging dealers often make these five common mistakes that can negatively impact their bottom line.

  1. Missing Cash flow Opportunities – Does your distributor charge you monthly flooring fees or interest on unsold inventory in your warehouse? Cash flow problems can directly affect your bottom line. At ISI, we provide our dealers with 90 days to 1-year of no-charge flooring on all hardware, parts, and supplies!
  2. Overspending on Freight – Freight costs are rising. To stay competitive, you either need to absorb some of those costs, directly impacting your profitability, or pass them on to your buyers that can cost your business. When ISI is your distributor, you can take advantage of our free shipping program on orders over $500.
  3. Missing Drop Ship Savings – Does your distributor offer drop shipping services directly to your customers or are you paying to receive, store, and re-ship inventory? ISI dealers drop-ship 60% of their deliveries to their end-users, with no additional fees for receiving, storing, or re-shipping!
  4. Not Leveraging Pre-Configuration – Do you pre-configure systems prior to shipping? Does your distributor? ISI dealers receive the most service requests for pre-configured systems. Pre-configuration reduces install times, accelerates deliveries, and cuts on-site tech costs.
  5. Not Getting Sales Rewards – Does your distributor offer sales incentives like cash rewards? ISI pays their dealers rewards on their entire product line!

Take the ISI Dealer Profitability Challenge!

Are you leaving profits on the table? Take the Impression Solutions Dealer Profitability Challenge to see where you stand! Then schedule a 30-minute profit discovery call with one of our representatives. Let us show you how to maximize profits and grow your business!