Over the past several years, technological advances have made inkjet printing an affordable and reliable solution for businesses. Today’s inkjets offer similar performance to laser devices, with a lower cost of ownership and fewer maintenance requirements.

If your customers are looking for an affordable, reliable print device, here are four ways Epson inkjet printers can save time, resources, and money.

  1. Less Frequent Replacement, and Fewer Parts – Epson business inkjet printers can help reduce maintenance costs while saving time. Thanks to their latest ink reservoir technology, there are no expensive cartridges to replace. Your customers will save money with Epson’s high-capacity, refillable ink tank system. Plus, they’ll benefit and save thanks to longer-lasting parts that can save up to 50% on service costs. 
  2. Better Reliability Means Fewer Service Calls – As a general rule, the more complex the machine, the more potential problems. Compared to laser printers, inkjets have fewer potential breakpoints, making repairs less frequently needed. For example, the Epson Workforce business inkjet printers use the same PrecisionCore technology that powers their industrial printers offering pro-level reliability. 
  3. Your Customers Will Enjoy Less Power Usage and Lower Utility Bills – As we all strive to live and work more sustainably, your customers will enjoy lower power usage and save money with lower utility bills. Reducing energy consumption can amount to significant savings over time. The Epson WF-C21000 features the lowest power consumption in its class. With PrecisionCore Heat-Free technology, customers will use less power because it doesn’t have to heat a fuser.
  4. Time is Money – Get Done Faster – Tiny efficiencies add up! Print speed might be the most immediately recognizable time saver – the WorkForce C21000 flies through prints at 100 ISO ppm, the fastest print speed in its class. But there are other ways that Epson inkjet printers will save your customers time and increase productivity. A one-step print process reduces first-page-out time after you click print. Optional high-capacity paper trays mean fewer trips to the supply closet. And instant-dry ink means touchable prints right off the printer!

When it comes to reliability, and cutting-edge technology, Epson’s family of business inkjet printers offer your customers best in class performance. Epson’s inkjet printers are affordable, reliable, and use less energy and supplies than other comparable printers. Ready to learn more? Contact us today and let us show you the benefits of Epson business inkjet printers!