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As the Internet has grown and we’ve become accustomed to content marketing, the sales landscape has dramatically changed. High-performing, savvy sales pros have already adapted. They engage with customers, well before they fully understand their needs, building trust and brand awareness.

The fact is, today, most of your customers have researched products and services prior to making contact, however, the value of your knowledge has not changed. You still need to know exactly what to ask prospects to uncover their needs and guide them through a sale.

Here are three questions to help you determine your customer’s needs earlier, and close more deals!

1. Is the customer open to change?

Determining the customer’s potential to change, gives you a better idea of the customer’s willingness to challenge the status quo. This allows a good rep to get in there and advance a disruptive solution. The customer who is looking for a change and is open presents a golden opportunity to an astute sales rep!

2. Make follow-up questions as specific as possible.

The sales process is exactly that… a process. One of the most important attributes of a good sales rep is the ability to listen to the answers. When a prospect says something like “we’re looking for a solution that’s user-friendly,” you need to be prepared to follow up with pertinent questions to get them to better define their needs.

3. Ask them what prompted them to consider your products.

This is a powerful question that’s more complex than asking “what are your needs.” To answer this question, your prospect may consider their present needs, desire to change, or future needs. The answer can give you insight into their motivation and also their timeline. Analyze their answer carefully because your prospect will likely reflect before answering. 

In today’s world of easy access to information, learning to ask the right questions is a valuable skill that will close more business. You still need all of your knowledge and expertise to close the deal, but cultivating the skill of listening and engaging on a deeper level will get you to the close, every time!

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