Many organizations have adopted the hybrid work model and as a result, your customers might find themselves tasked to equip their employees with the right devices to work from home as well as the office.

A multifunction printer enables remote collaboration and productivity for many businesses but with many to choose from it can be a challenge to pick the best option. Read on for tips to help your customer choose the best MFP to meet the needs of their hybrid workforce.

Why Should Your Customer Choose an MFP?

Multifunction printers are a good choice for remote teams because they combine copying, printing, faxing and scanning, in one device. This allows remote team members to collaborate effectively with colleagues. In addition, the low purchase price and operating costs appeal to budget-conscious businesses. 

Compared to multiple devices, MFPs can help save on power bills and consumables, as well as office space, at home or in the office.

What to Consider When Choosing an MFP

Your customer needs a device that integrates well with their current systems and also saves time and money. Here are some things for them to consider:

• Business Printing Needs

Do they print color, or black-and-white documents only? How much printing does their company do? How many devices do they need? What print quality do they need? Ask these questions to help them narrow their search.

Hybrid Work Business Men and Women Work From Home and Office.

• Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

When considering an investment, talk to them about TCO and let them know it includes the purchase price and long-term expenses like consumables, maintenance, and repairs. This is particularly important in a hybrid workplace where your customer may be operating multiple devices.

• Environmental Impact

Is your customer interested in green initiatives? They may want a device that is eco-friendly. Kyocera’s printers include the cartridge-free ECOSYS technology that can print up to 600,000 pages without the need to replace the print drum. This translates to a lower cost of consumables and a significant reduction in disposable waste. As speed and quality matter, so does energy efficiency. An energy-efficient device is good for the environment and reduces costs.

At Impression Solutions we carry a wide variety of Kyocera and Epson multifunction printers to fit your customers’ unique needs. Interested in becoming an ISI reseller? Contact us today and let us help you grow your business!

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