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Choosing a worthy and best-fitting candidate for a position in your business can be daunting and tedious. From scouring countless resumes to seemingly being the gatekeeping interviewer, the process is immensely time-consuming and in equal measure exhausting.

Here are some tips to help you avoid the headache of choosing and meaningfully identifying the best candidate during recruitment:

1. Assess Experience and Personal Accomplishments

Evaluate the candidate’s experience and personal accomplishments using the situation, target, action, and result (S-T-A-R Method). This strategy helps provide insights and can help you ascertain whether the candidate possesses the skills that fit into your organizational culture and way of doing business. 

2. Analyze Body Language

You can gain insight into a candidate’s personality by watching their body language and cues such as gestures, posture, eye contact, and communication skills. This can help you learn whether the individual is a positive and communicative person who can be an asset to your business.  

Group of business people meeting. Interviewing candidate.

3. Assess Work Ethic

Evaluate the candidate’s work ethic and previous performance in similar positions. This evaluation helps identify the individual’s attitude and how they collaborate and interact with others at the workplace. It’s also important pin down whether the candidate is open-minded and possesses the required acumen to be a good team player. At this stage, you should also determine the candidate’s priorities and ability to handle emergency situations or unplanned workloads at the organization. 

4. Give them a Task to Complete or Problem to Solve

Giving a candidate a task to complete or a problem to solve helps you gauge their technical skills. Moreover, this audition strategy helps determine their perspectives and approaches to various issues at the workplace. 

5. Ask Them About Things They are Passionate About

You can identify whether a candidate is a perfect fit for your business based on their individual passions. By asking them to talk about the things they are interested in you get a good sense of what they hold in high regard. On the same note, you’ll be able to identify whether the candidate is a life-long learner since a growth mindset in an individual can be instrumental to your own business’s growth as well. 

Bonus Tips

Reference checks will help provide further insights into the candidate’s work ethic, attitude, and personality. And, finally, don’t forget to trust your instincts.

Hopefully these tips can help you get a good sense as to whether your interview candidate could be a successful member of your team

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