For teachers, one of the most valuable commodities available is time. Work begins long before the first bell and often goes into the early evening. Before the school year starts, there are lessons to plan, seating charts to develop, and then the job of teaching the leaders of the future! 

Kyocera understands all of this. That’s why they have created a solution just for teachers! Kyocera printers can help teachers save time and money with their ground-breaking Teaching Assistant®! 

Teaching Assistant® is a Time-Saving Solution

Your education sector clients will enjoy the time-saving benefits Kyocera printers offer. In fact, Teaching Assistant® can help teachers save time when grading tests. With Teaching Assistant®, you can create, print, grade, and analyze multiple-choice tests.

When a student has completed their test, the test can be fed back into your Kyocera device. Teaching Assistant® will scan, read, and grade each test. Automated grading not only saves time, but it also eliminates the chance for human error.

The teacher gets test results faster and can then offer and provide help to the students who need it more quickly. Once complete, the test results are cleared from the device. This can keep student data safe and secure.

Male teacher listening to students in class

Kyocera Can Save Your Educational Clients Money

Kyocera and Teaching Assistant® offers document solutions that save your educational clients money. Tests can be printed on economical plain paper. That means no special media or dedicated scanning software!

Teachers can get immediate feedback on how students performed on the test, with detailed reports that include statistics, histograms, and bar graphs. Teaching Assistant® integrates directly with MS Excel 2010 or higher, allowing comparative analysis throughout the semester. You can even save data to a flash drive or email it to anyone directly from the printer. That means savings on paper, toner, and energy!

Offer Your Clients a Smarter Solution

Kyocera is committed to helping schools work smarter and more efficiently. With Teaching Assistant® your educational clients will enjoy a complete document solution that will not only increase productivity but will also drastically reduce costs. Kyocera’s cutting-edge technology ensures that teachers, staff, and students, can print, scan, and share documents quickly and securely.

Do you want to learn more? Give your Impression Solutions rep a call. Let us show you how Kyocera’s advanced technology and Teaching Assistant® can help your educational clients thrive in the coming school year and into the future!

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