The pandemic has forever changed the dynamic of work. For years, the A3 printer was the workhorse of the office. It could handle large paper up to 11×17 and various sizes and paper stocks. The A3 is a versatile device designed to cover a wide range of business needs.

Referred to as a desktop device, A4s only print on letter and legal paper. Today, as more businesses are adopting a hybrid model where employees are splitting their time between the office and remote work, the A4 is outselling the larger A3 device. This trend shows no signs of slowing down!

Here are the top five reasons why:

  1. The Remote Office – Remote workers need their own devices for their home offices. As the hybrid model becomes more prevalent, there is less need for large departmental devices.
  2. More Efficient – The pandemic forced us to improve our use of digital tools, as a result, your team is now using digital alternatives to printing, sharing, and circulating paper documents.
  3. Less Need for Service – A4 devices require 1 service call for every 3 on the larger A3 device.
  4. Larger Feature Set – A4 devices were limited to scanning, printing, copying, and faxing. Today, A4 devices offer advanced functionality and the same feature set as A3 devices. This includes apps, cloud integration, automated workflows, and more.
  5. Less of a Need for Large Format Output – Less than 3% of output is on large format paper. Unless you specifically need 11×17 output, the smarter choice is an A4 device.
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Why A4 Printer Sales Will Continue to Grow in the Near Future

At ISI, we believe that the sale of A4 devices will continue to grow throughout 2022.

A4 devices are well positioned, and sales will grow because:

• There are fewer supply chain issues with the smaller format devices.

• A4 devices require fewer repairs than their larger brethren. Less service means higher profits for ISI dealer partners!

With a smaller footprint and the same feature set as larger devices, A4 printers make sense. New models even offer advanced features like the ability to scan directly to the cloud. A4 devices are easier to ship and set up.

Take advantage of ISI’s fulfillment services! Let us pre-configure A4 devices to meet your client’s specific needs. We’ll ship it directly to your clients, ready to plug in and play in your customer’s office.

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