Whether your customers are working or learning from home, staying productive is the key to success. As we move to a post-pandemic hybrid work model, the printer they use has become even more important.

Epson Inkjet Printers Improve Productivity

When you partner with Impression Solutions, you’ll have access to the entire family of Epson inkjet printers. Epson inkjet printers offer many features that can boost productivity and save your customers both time and money whether they are working or learning from home.

Features include:

• Lots of Ink – Epson SuperTank printers like the Workforce ST-2000 come with a two-year supply of ink… guaranteed!

• Easy Replacement – When running low on ink, it’s easy to replace using ink packs, ink cartridges, or high-yield ink bottles.

• Wireless Printing – Epson inkjet printers, like the Epson Workforce EC-C110, are all wi-fi enabled. This wireless mobile printer can print on the go from the convenience of an iPad, iPhone, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

• Epson Heat-Free Technology – Epson Inkjet printers do not require heat to print. That means no time wasted waiting for the printer to warm up. 

Epson printers are easy to maintain, durable, and deliver high-quality output day after day.

Improve Productivity with Printed Documents

Printing out digital content has some distinct advantages over reading it onscreen. Printed documents are easier on the eyes, take less time to read, and are less likely to encourage multitasking. People who read printed text tend to comprehend more, remember more, and learn more.

Boost Productivity with Printables 

Whether working from home or learning at home, printed documents can boost productivity, from To-Do Lists to weekly planners or goal planners. With a printed document, you can stay ahead of tasks and see upcoming deadlines, projects, and tasks. Students can print out study plans, worksheets, and more. 

Offer your customers the Epson family of printers and watch their productivity soar!

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