In today’s challenging business climate, your customers are always on the lookout for smart solutions that can help them work more efficiently and keep their business on track. The Epson family of printers offers a broad selection of speedy, versatile devices that can give your customers’ businesses a productivity boost.

For multifunction models that scan, print, copy, and fax, to monochrome and color devices, to models that can accommodate paper sizes up to 13-inch x 19-inch sheets, all Epson models come with built-in IT networking tools and are wireless and Ethernet-ready.

Fast Printing Thanks to Epson PrecisionCore Heat-Free Technology

Epson’s PrecisionCore Technology boosts productivity thanks to virtually no warm-up needed, so your customers can start printing immediately. Because Epson printers do not use heat to print, it means low-power consumption, lower costs, and big-time savings for your customers. 

Heat-free technology also uses fewer moving parts. That reduces the need for maintenance and repairs and can significantly reduce your customer’s operating costs over the device’s lifetime. Epson Business Inkjets are easy to maintain and durable. They are designed to deliver high-quality output so your customers can get the job done and focus on their business!

Heat-Free Technology Means No Waiting Around

Because Heat-Free Technology eliminates warm-up time your customers will enjoy fast First Page Out Time (FPOT) and First Set Out Time (FSOT) which means faster printouts and no waiting around. FSOT matters most when your customers are printing large jobs like contracts, business proposals, or real estate agreements which can be dozens of pages long.

Features like 24 page-per-minute printing, no warm-up time, automatic two-sided printing, and fast color scanning and copying make the Epson family of inkjet printers a great choice for every business.

The Epson family of printers offers a lower operating cost and uses significantly less energy. Your customers will enjoy the lightning-fast, clear output!

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