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Not too long ago, laser printers were the rage because they were much more efficient than inkjet devices. However, today, thanks to major advances in technology, inkjet printers are competing head-to-head with their laser counterparts and often make more sense for small businesses.

Here are a few reasons why:

• Low Cost of Entry

For many small businesses, price is the most important factor when buying a printer. This is one of the biggest benefits of inkjet devices. In a head-to-head comparison in terms of quality and functionality between similar inkjet and laser printers, the inkjet will almost always be less expensive upfront, and a multifunction inkjet device offers exceptional value. If a business owner doesn’t have the budget but wants excellent quality, an inkjet is often a great choice.

• Size

While there are smaller footprint laser printers, an inkjet will almost always be the most compact option. Even the most advanced models offering A3 capabilities or all-in-one multifunction devices are surprisingly small. So, if office real estate is at a premium, inkjet printers are compact and easy to use.

• Speed

While not quite as fast as laser printers in terms of output, they do have some advantages. Inkjet printers have little to no warm-up time and can receive and start printing documents almost immediately.

• Amazing Images

Today’s inkjet printers can output near laser quality at 1440 X 1440 dots per inch (dpi). More dots mean better and more accurate output of the image with better resolution, shading, and color. A high-quality color inkjet is a perfect choice for printing marketing materials in-house and other business projects and graphics.

• Energy Efficiency

Unlike laser printers, inkjet printers do not use heat in the printing process, so they operate more efficiently. In fact, Epson’s line of inkjet devices uses up to 85% less energy than similar laser devices. So, if you print frequently, you can enjoy significant savings in your annual energy costs.

The price of ink and slower print times have held back inkjet printers as many businesses favored laser printers in the office. However, today that has changed with manufacturers making huge strides in these areas making inkjet printers an affordable and efficient choice for the small business owner.

Want to learn more? Give your Impression Solutions rep a call today and let us show you how your customers can enjoy all the benefits inkjet printers provide.

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