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In today’s competitive business environment, the key to keeping customers happy and coming back is to provide them with additional value throughout the sales process and beyond. It’s no longer enough to offer the lowest prices. The Internet has leveled the playing field when it comes to competing on price alone. 

At Impression Solutions, we work each and every day to inform and educate our dealers and resellers, provide them with unmatched customer service, and add value throughout the entire process.

Meet the latest value-added program for our resellers… ISI Rewards! 

What Is the ISI Rewards Program?

The ISI Rewards Program is available to all current, approved Impression Solutions dealers and resellers. The ISI Rewards Program provides resellers and dealers cash rewards for every sale of Kyocera printers and multifunction products across the line.

All approved ISI dealers are eligible to earn rewards every month for every sale that can then be used on many popular products and promotions. Just fill out and submit the ISI Reseller Application and approval takes just 24 hours. If you’re approved, we’ll notify you by email, and you can begin to earn rewards immediately. 

How it Works

You earn rewards for every Kyocera printer and multifunction device you sell across the entire line of Kyocera products. When you make a sale, rewards are updated and added to the previous week’s total and are available the following Monday by noon. 

You will be qualified to receive your pre-paid MasterCard within a week to 10 days after you close out your first payout. When you receive your card, activate it by following the instructions on the attached sticker online or over the phone. Rewards are transferred to your MasterCard on the 1st and 15th of each month. You’ll then have 60 days to claim your rewards. After 60 days, your rewards are no longer valid.

Adding Value for Our Resellers and Dealers with the ISI Rewards Program!

As a valued Impression Solutions dealer or reseller, you’ll earn rewards for every Kyocera product you sell. If you haven’t become an ISI Approved Reseller, it’s easy! Just download the ISI Reseller Application here. Fill it out and email it back to us along with a copy of your Reseller Tax Certificate. Upon approval, you’ll receive an introductory email and a welcome packet explaining the program. 

Join the ISI team TODAY and start earning rewards with every sale!

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