Whether meeting in person or on Zoom, a good sales leader is always looking for new ways to engage and inspire their team to strengthen their selling skills. Especially in today’s environment, sales meetings need to be relevant and beneficial to your team.

Here are some statistics to think about…

• With rules and a tight agenda, 80% of meeting time could be eliminated.

• Fewer than 37% of sales managers publish meeting agendas.

• 92% of people multitask while in meetings.

• 71% of all sales meetings are deemed inefficient or unproductive.

Here are three sales meeting topics that are easy to execute, whether you’re meeting in person or virtually, that will help close common skill gaps!

The Competitive Intelligence Review

Too few salespeople spend time researching their competitors. Maybe they visited their website, but aren’t sure what their current messaging, promotions, or packaging methods may be. To execute this meeting, assign each rep one of your top competitors. Have them research them and present their findings. Encourage them to look at the competitor’s website, social media, and reviews from a customer’s perspective. Set a time limit to keep everyone on track.

The LinkedIn Profile and Activity Review

You and your team know that your prospects and customers are all on LinkedIn. That’s why you need to be active there too. Warn them in advance, or surprise them with a review of their LinkedIn profiles. Check to see if their profile is branded, showcases the company’s values, how many connections they have, and their posts and engagement in the past 30 days. 

The Sales Prospecting Meeting

If you require your team to be proficient in prospecting over the phone or email, this is a great meeting idea. Create a fictitious account that represents a new business account your team would love to engage with. Define the industry, size, needs, etc. Using that info, have each rep send you a prospecting email and voicemail. At the meeting, provide everyone with copies of the emails and play the voicemails out loud. This lets you hear what your team is sending their prospects. It’s a great way to share your experienced member’s techniques with newer reps as a training exercise.

These meetings topics can make your team more engaged and confident in their abilities and will help to identify weaknesses, teach new skills, and close common skill gaps.