As we slowly emerge from the stresses of the pandemic, businesses are facing new challenges, from supply disruptions to rising shipping costs. As we adjust to these changes, staying competitive means either absorbing cost increases, which directly impacts your bottom line, or passing costs on to your customers, which can end up costing your business.

Here at Impression Solutions, we understand. That’s why we’ve developed our free freight program for our dealer partners. By reducing, or entirely eliminating, shipping costs we can help you to maximize your profit potential. Our program offers free shipping on all orders over $500, and if we receive your order before 3 p.m. CST, we can offer same-day shipping.

We work with our dealers to develop programs to help them win more business and add value. Our freight programs are designed specifically to meet the demands of today’s hypercompetitive marketplace. Hundreds of our copier dealers, MSPs, and IT Value-Added Resellers leverage our exclusive value-add services to boost their bottom line, dominate the competition, and help protect their businesses from Amazon.

Meet Regional Sales Manager Caleb Westmoreland. In this video, he’ll answer the question “what freight programs does ISI offer their dealer/partners?”

Boost Your Bottom Line by Controlling Costs

The fact is, rising shipping costs directly impact your profit margin. That’s why we developed our Freight Programs, and why in most cases, we don’t charge extra for shipping. In our industry, shipping costs for most dealers can account for as much as 10% of the cost of goods sold. Today’s unpredictable shipping fees can seriously impact margins.

That’s why when we have to occasionally apply shipping fees, we provide all of our dealer/partners with complete transparency so we can share our deeply discounted shipping rates with all of the major carriers with them.

Take the ISI Profitability Challenge

At Impression Solutions, we work with all of our dealer/partners to help them maximize their profits. Are you maximizing YOUR profits? Take a minute and take the ISI Dealer Profitability Challenge. You’ll learn five areas of your business you can improve to boost your bottom line and how Impression Solutions can help you make it happen!

After you’ve taken the challenge, give your ISI representative a call and book a quick, no-obligation 30-minute profit discovery conversation. You’ll learn more about us and how we can help you grow your business. Call us today!

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