The job market today is the most competitive it has been in years. Finding top talent is more challenging and critical than ever. According to the iCIMS 2022 Workforce Report, more than 90% of business leaders surveyed said their companies would not meet their goals without the right talent. 

Hiring and retaining talent is the biggest HR challenge in 2022. The fact is job candidates hold all the cards. They know they are in demand, can easily find a job that meets their needs, and are unwilling to take a position without a clear path to advancement. Employers need to reconsider their strategy for engagement, acquisition, retention, and mobility to remain competitive. 

Read on to learn some of the top 3 dealer recruiting challenges and how to overcome them.

1. The Talent Shortage

It’s been a struggle to find people to hire. In May, the unemployment rate was 3.6% suggesting we’re close to full employment. There simply isn’t enough talent to fill all of the open positions.

The solution: Employers need to be creative with recruiting strategies. Traditional methods like job postings and referrals are unreliable. Instead, focus on candidate experience and ensure a simple and streamlined application process.

2. Candidates Are Passive

The next challenge is passive candidates. According to LinkedIn, 70% of the workforce is passive meaning they are not actively looking but would consider a position if approached. 

The solution: To attract passive candidates, focus on your brand. Ensure you promote your company as a great place to work and highlight employees’ stories. Use techniques like content marketing and social media to reach out.

3. Tougher Competition

A smaller pool of candidates means you need to stand out and ensure your company is the one to work for! Candidates want to work for companies that value them and their experience. They want the opportunity to grow and develop.

The solution: Focus on creating an efficient process to improve the candidate experience. Make sure your employees are trained to properly communicate with candidates. Be sure to focus on creating a positive culture that values input and feedback.

To attract top talent, it’s important to build a robust employer brand. Today, potential candidates have more choices than ever, and you want them to choose you! Thanks to the Internet, job seekers can easily reach companies and compare different opportunities; that means you must find ways to stand out. Stay current on the latest recruiting trends, techniques, platforms, and best practices to beat out the competition for the top candidates.

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