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Technology is constantly changing, and to be a top imaging sales rep in the coming year we’ve identified 10 qualities to develop to make 2023 your best year yet! With so many ways to reach out to prospects, developing your skills can help you to stand out, reach out, and connect. 

Here are the top ten qualities to work on in the coming year to up your imaging sales game!

1. Desire – When it comes to imaging sales, everything starts and ends with desire. Desire to provide your customers with the solutions they need for their business. Desire to be the best salesperson you can be. Desire is the ultimate determining factor for a successful sales career.

2. C-Level Prospecting Skills – Today, to get results, you need to reach the decision makers in the C-suite. Purchasing decisions often start and are made at the top. Developing the ability to build C-suite-level contacts can help you close the deal.

3. Soft-Selling Skills – The days of the hard sell are over. You must move beyond product awareness and develop the ability to convince prospects to act. Relating to your customers can humanize the sales process.

4. Probing Skills – Asking the right questions can help uncover your prospect’s needs and pain points. This will allow you to craft a solution that responds directly to their needs.

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5. LinkedIn Presence – LinkedIn is the place where business leaders meet. In 2023 you need to have a presence on LinkedIn. Create your profile and engage with the community.

6. Negotiating Skills – Business is not a zero-sum game. Learn how to negotiate to create win/win outcomes. It will help you build your clientele and generate repeat business.

7. Responsiveness – Always respond quickly, whether it is a call, text, or email. In a competitive environment, it’s often the person who responds first who gets the sale. 

8. Industry Knowledge – Educating customers is the best way to keep them coming back to you. Understanding the technology and the ability to educate and direct customers to the right tech will close sales!

9. Empathy – Being empathetic to your customer means being aware of the end-user scenario. This understanding can help you to tailor your sales strategy and offer the right solution at the right time to meet your prospect’s business needs.

10. Technical Competency – You need to have an above-average awareness of how the imaging technology you sell integrates within a holistic IT infrastructure. When combined with industry knowledge, technical competency will help you to design the solutions that will help your customer’s businesses grow.

Having a good grasp of these ten qualities will not only help you sell more products, but they will also allow you to better engage and relate to your prospects. By developing these skills, you will add value to every relationship. Every transaction will work to build a dedicated and loyal customer base who will rely on you to steer their purchases for years to come!

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