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Researchers have proven that color can help improve comprehension, boost retention, and increase engagement in schools. It doesn’t matter how old the student is or what the subject is!

That’s why Epson’s inkjet technology is designed to make color printing efficient, fast, and reliable for your educational customers. Epson printers are also affordable for educational organizations across the board.

Boost Student’s Attention Span and Memory

Scrolling on a screen can lead to distractions and fragmented learning. For longer content, print is better for retention and comprehension. Adding color-rich visuals can help keep students motivated and engaged.

Repeated studies have shown that color-printed educational materials make for more engaged students. In fact, color-printed materials are 80% more likely to be read and can boost comprehension by as much as 73%.

Use Color Print to Create Classrooms for Learning!

Beyond printed materials, bringing color into the classroom environment can enhance learning at any age, develop visual skills, and affect emotional states. Many studies have confirmed that colors produce different effects that are physically perceptible, particularly when it comes to respiration, digestion, heartbeat, brain activity, and body temperature. 

In the classroom setting, color can help stimulate psychomotor skills and improve personal and academic development, plus it encourages further learning.

When information is color-coded, it is located 70% faster. Color as a graphical device can reduce visual search time and help support learners to quickly access information. 

Bring Epson’s Family of Printers into the Classroom

Epson’s family of printers is affordable, durable, and reliable. Epson’s Heat-Free Technology means there’s no time wasted waiting for the printer to warm up. That means faster output, lower energy use, and a low per-page cost. 

With an Epson printer on-premises, your education clients can better engage their students and enhance their learning!

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