For years, the A3 printer was the workhorse of most businesses. It could handle larger size papers up to 11 X 17 and a variety of different sizes and paper stocks. They were versatile printers designed to function across a wide range of needs. 

The A4 printer is a printer or multifunction device that prints only on letter and legal-size paper. They are often referred to as a “desktop device” but they can be easily expanded with the addition of multiple paper trays beneath the print engine. 

Today, business is changing and the A4 has taken over and is outselling A3 devices. Here’s why!

Five Reasons for the Increase in A4 Sales

People are printing less. It’s really that simple. As more of us began to work from home during the pandemic, we had to outfit our personal spaces. We adapted remote work technologies, like Zoom, and that included sharing digital data instead of paper. 

Here are the top five reasons A4 devices are outselling A3 devices.

  1. The Remote Office – Remote workers need their own devices. As the hybrid work model expands, there are fewer office workers and less need for larger departmental units.
  2. More Efficient Digital Alternatives – The pandemic forced us to elevate our digital tools. As a result, we began using digital alternatives to printing, sharing, and circulating paper.
  3. Less Service Needed – A recent global study found that A4 devices require 1 service call to every 3 on the larger A3 MFP.
  4. More Features – In the past, A4 devices were limited to printing, scanning, copying, and faxing. Today’s A4s offer the advanced functionality and feature set of A3 devices. This includes apps, automated workflows, cloud integration, and more.
  5. No Need for Larger Size Print (11×17) – Less than 3% of all office printing requires large paper stock. Unless you need 11×17 output, the smart choice is an A4 device.

The rise in A4 technology is being driven by consumer demand. As the trend toward remote workplaces and digital transformation continues to grow, the A4 class of products will continue to be the popular choice.

If you’d like to learn more, contact us today. Here at Impression Solutions, we are proud to specialize in A4 imaging devices and as a result, have enjoyed record growth based on today’s business environment.

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