Here at Impression Solutions, we work hard to help our dealers/partners stand out from the competition. Our Value-Add services are designed to benefit every aspect of our dealers’ operations. From free shipping to help you avoid expensive shipping fees, to floor inventory financing and nationwide distribution from our four well-stocked regional centers, ISI is ready to help you grow your business!

Here are the top five reasons why dealers partner with us:

  1. Best Upfront Pricing – We always provide our dealers with the best possible price upfront on single or multiple units. This helps our dealers to eliminate the costs of buying and carrying excessive inventory. It helps reduce cash flow issues and eliminates the wait for back-end rebates.
  2. No or Low-Cost Shipping – Shipping costs account for as much as 10% of the cost of goods sold for most imaging dealers. These unpredictable fees often negatively impact your margins. That’s why in most cases, we don’t charge extra for shipping. When shipping fees apply, we provide our dealers with transparency to share in our deeply discounted shipping rates with all major carriers.
  3. Blind Drop Shipping/ Distribution – Our blind drop ship distribution service means our dealers can avoid the inventory and cost to deliver their next printer or MFP. Our experts will prepare, pack and ship your order directly to your end-user as if it came directly from you. Our blind drop services include printers, accessories, MFPs, toner cartridges, and parts. This can save 20% or more on avoidable shipping, inventory, and handling costs.
  4. Pre-Configuration Service – Provide your customers with a plug-and-play experience and save BIG while you do. With our exclusive pre-configuration service, our team of experts can set up dealer ID, contact labels, default printer settings, IP addresses, add memory, and more! Drop shipping saves our partners on shipping and delivery costs, plus the time it takes for a tech to set up a new system in your customer’s environment.
  5. ISI is Cashflow Friendly – We offer financing plans from 90 days to 12 months on all our products. That includes MFPs, printers, parts and accessories, even supplies! ISI resellers can delay paying for 90 days or longer, allowing them to deliver and receive payment before paying us for the product.

Are you ready to partner with the industry-leading distributor of printers, MFPs, and imaging products? Give us a call and let our experts show you why dealers choose to partner with us!

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