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Print technology is constantly evolving. From the mid-1970s, Epson has been pushing the boundaries of print technology. Today, their newest simplified heat-free printing process is designed with sustainability in mind.

Heat-Free Technology vs. Laser 

While laser and inkjet devices might look similar on the outside, it’s all about what’s inside that counts! Laser technology is a multi-step process that uses heat (and more energy) at various points during the output process. Typically, laser printing is complex and involves multiple stages, including pre-heating the fuser early in the process and again using heat to fuse the toner to the paper before output. 

While the result is of high-quality, the process can be energy-intensive. Recent improvements in laser technology have made the process more energy-efficient than the previous generations of printers.

Inkjet printing is comprised of just three stages to achieve a printout. 

There are two main inkjet printing technologies available today. Thermal inkjet, like laser printing, uses heat. This thermal technology applies an electrical current to warm the ink prior to firing it through the print head. 

Epson’s latest technology doesn’t use any heat during the ink ejection process. Instead, it is a mechanical process. Pressure is applied to the piezo element, which flexes forward and backward rapidly, firing the ink from the print head.

The Benefits of Epson Heat-Free Technology

There are many benefits that come with Epson’s new technology. From energy conservation and lower energy costs to increased productivity. Here are some key benefits:

• Boost Productivity with High-Speed Print

Epson’s heat-free technology saves time as it requires no heat to warm up when the printer is turned on or wakes up from sleep. It starts printing immediately, unlike laser printers which require time to preheat the fuser.

• Lower Energy Use

Because Epson’s heat-free technology doesn’t require power to pre-heat the fuser or fuse the toner to the paper, less energy is used.

• Less Waste

Unlike a laser device, there is no drum, transfer belt, or fuser, which means you’ll never need to replace them. Heat-free technology only requires ink and a printhead, so it not only reduces maintenance costs and downtime it can significantly reduce consumables waste.

Epson’s newest heat-free technology can save time, reduce costs, and produce less waste. Users will also enjoy improved reliability and significantly reduced downtime too! Are you ready to learn more? Contact us today