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Making sales during the best of times can be challenging. During a pandemic it can really become a test of your resolve, and your ingenuity! One of the best sales tools is the product demonstration. There’s no better way to get a point across than showing a solution to a problem, in real-time.

Many of us continue to work from home, but sales still need to happen. Enter the virtual demo. While product demonstration videos are not new, today they have become a primary (and necessary) way to get prospects interested and excited about your solution. 

Here are three tips to help you create an unforgettable virtual demo that will knock the socks off your prospects and keep sales coming in!

Exude Positive Energy and a Sense of Calm

Focus on your audience. If you’re nervous about the impression you’re making, you’ll forget key points and could lose the deal just because you missed key elements of your product. Your audience can “feel” your nervous energy and it can make them unsure.

Have a Clear Path

Have a beginning, a middle and an end for your demo. Use this opportunity to direct the conversation, make sure to tell prospects what you want to tell them, and what they need to hear. This will allow them to feel comfortable, relaxed, and have an expectation of where you’re going. Don’t just spout specs. Speak to how your product or service offers a real solution to their pain. 

The 20/80 Rule

Spend 20% of your time talking… and 80% listening! Know your stuff and tell your prospects what you need to, but spend the majority of time listening. Your prospect will tell you what they need and expect, and if you’re listening, you can really hear what they are saying! When you are giving your demonstration pause often. Give your prospect time to digest what you’re saying, and allow them to talk and engage.

People buy from people they like, and they buy from people who are knowledgeable. Be likable and work to create a positive relationship from the beginning of your presentation. Make sure you’re knowledgeable about your offering and use that knowledge to address their concerns and build credibility.

COVID-19 has caused us all to adjust our game to the new normal. With virtual demos and these best practices, you can establish trust, build credibility and close more deals.